“Along with speech therapy & occupational therapy, we never missed the daily one to two hours of activities such as playing on the slide, swing and the sand pit at the park. With a lot of effort, he was taught how to cycle and swim as well as simple play concepts by breaking them into smaller tasks. Two hours of play still remains a part of his daily routine. He has difficulties in playing cricket but is undergoing coaching for lawn tennis. His interest in music was used to teach him all the initial concepts and to build his attention span and sitting tolerance. It was also used as a feel-good factor which got him his share of praise and applause. Music also helped build his confidence in the fact that he felt that he was good at something. However, learning dance steps was a difficult task for him but he enjoys it and can dance on his own.

Last April, i.e. in the World Autism Awareness month, Y Films, the youth wing of Yash Raj Films launched ‘6 Pack Band 2.0’. The band comprises of 3 girls and 3 boys between the age of 13 & 18, all with varying challenges from autism to learning difficulties. The band can be followed on Y Films’ YouTube channel or on their Facebook page. Their songs are available on gaana, saavn and other music platforms. These songs have always been very encouraging.